The Schwarzer Adler’s 500 eventful years of history


This date is carved in stone in the coat of arms located above the former entrance to the oldest inn in the heart of Siusi, the Schwarzer Adler. At that time, Siusi was barely more than a small cluster of farmhouses around a village tower.


500 years later the inn has become a small but refined hotel. We have celebrated this historic anniversary with our guests. Our hotel has grown with you over the centuries. You are the reason why we strive to keep the centennial tradition of our hotel upright in this fast-paced area. A big thank you for that!

Your Mutschlechner Family
Claudia, Patrizia and Ilsa

We have celebrated with our guests


Sunrise on the Sciliar Mountain












Ferragosto gala dinner aperitif
on the roof terrace



Anniversary cake created by our Chef Juri Sellaro

From Anna Rauch’s cookery book

Anna Rauch from the small village of Tagusa near Castelrotto was thirty years old when she married Josef Gasser from Siusi, two years her junior, in November 1919. Through marriage, she became the innkeeper of the ancient guesthouse. Anna had begun her training in 1910 as a kitchen helper. A few years later, she was already employed as a cook in various hotels and guesthouses, both locally and abroad, which were famous for their good cuisine. At the time of her training she started writing her cookery book, a real treasure trove of Tyrolean, old Austrian and international recipes:


Whisk ½ lot of butter until frothy, then add ½ lot of sugar, 12 yolks and two whole eggs, and ½ lot of melted chocolate (bain-marie), stir well, then add ½ lot of flour and 12 whipped egg whites. Bake on medium heat, cover with chocolate glaze and allow to dry.

The quantities for flour or butter are usually given in lot (lt), an old measure, where 1 (Vinnese) lot corresponds to about 17.5 grams.



Try Anna Rauch's Sacher cake at the weekly dessert buffet on Wednesday

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