Holiday with your dog in the Dolomites

At the Schwarzer Adler you and your four-legged friend are more than welcome.

We and our team will take care that your holidays with your dog will be unforgettable. 

Discover numerous hiking trails with your faithful companion and explore the nature in the Alpe di Siusi Dolomite region.

Advantages for dog owners


  • Sleeping blanket, food and water bowls in your room
  • Dog cookies on arrival
  • Dining area accessible to dogs (limited availability)
  • Barf fresh food or dog food from the South Tyrolean company Pet Alpin (lamb & potato, beef & apple, beef & sauerkraut) - for an extra charge
  • Weekly short hike with the dog educator Giuliana
  • Fenced dog park for training and playing
  • Washing and drying facilities
  • Cooling service for your dog food (on request)
  • Morning walks with the landlady and our dogs Rusty and Bella three times a week
  • Walkways from the hotel   
  • Dogs are allowed on the S. Vigilio Golf Course Siusi (leash law!)

For your four-legged friend, you will be charged 10.00 € to 25.00 € per day (depending on weight). This price includes a dog blanket, water and food bowls, welcome cookies, dog waste bags, unlimited access to the dog shower and our dog park. If you have more than one dog, you will receive a 50% discount for each additional dog in the same room. However, if your four-legged friend is a companion or rescue dog with a valid ID, he will stay with us for free!

A cozy blanket is provided on the floor in the room for your beloved pet. Beds, sofas and other seating areas are reserved fo our human guests. Failure to comply may result in additional cleaning fees being charged.

Your dog is admitted in almost all areas of the hotel, with the exception of the dining room, the wellness area and the lawn in front of the swimming pool, which are designated as "dog-free" zones.

However, your four-legged friend is welcome to accompany you to the meals in our wooden "Stube", where we can arrange a table for you (with the dog having its place under the table!). Please inform us during the booking process if you would like to bring your dog to the dining area, as availability is limited.

Dog education

In addition to our comprehensive dog services, we also offer individual education training. It is crucial for a dog to be well socialized in order to have a harmonious relationship with other dogs. This allows them to navigate their environment and interact with other dogs in everyday life without stress, while correctly interpreting their signals.

With the assistance of our skilled dog education trainer Giuliana, you will gain a better understanding of your four-legged companion. Training sessions will not only strengthen the bond between you and your dog, but also foster mutual trust. Giuliana will guide you on how to lead a more relaxed life together with your dog.

Giuliana successfully completed her dog education program at the "Istituto di Formazione Zooantropologica SIUA" and now possesses several years of hands-on experience. She personally adopted a dog from an animal shelter and welcomed it into her own home.

The dog education sessions are available from Wednesday to Monday, starting at 3 p.m.
Each session lasts approximately 1 to 1.5 hours and the cost is upon request.


Check out our dog education holiday package  >>>October 12-15, 2023

Activ holidays with your dog

Whether in summer or winter, the Dolomites region Alpe di Siusi with its endless Alpine pastures and forests is perfect for a vacation with your dog. Short and longer walks are available directly from the hotel. You are welcome to take a morning walk together with landlady Patrizia and our two dogs Rusty and Bella, three times a week.

Alpe di Siusi is a Nature Park, protected landscape area and part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The villages are surrounded by woods with a large population of game. For these reasons, there are a few things to keep in mind when you have a dog with you:

  • Leash laws require dogs to be kept on a leash no longer than 1.5 meters. A muzzle must also be carried.
  • Dogs are allowed to use the Alpe di Siusi cable car and other chairlifts (partly against a fee). However for safety reasons they must wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash. For small dogs, you can borrow boxes free of charge at the Alpe di Siusi cable car Valley Station.
  • Dogs can ride for free on the shuttle buses to the Alpe di Siusi cable car. Public transport buses however charge a pet fare (except for guide dogs and small dogs up to 5 kg). Leash and muzzle are compulsory on all busses.
  • You will find dog toilets with plastic bags to dispose of your dog's waste in various places. It is obligatory to carry along a supply of bags and to remove any excrements immediately. Please do not leave the bags lying around in the nature.
  • Please pick up after your dog, especially around farms and pastures, where local farmers cultivate food and fodder.
  • Dogs are not allowed in playgrounds, school yards, cemeteries and other signposted areas.
  • Special care should be taken when encountering livestock. Walk between the animals and your dog, leading it away from the animals. Please do not run, the animals react to fast movements. Walk slowly and keep an eye on them. If they come towards you, unleash your dog. Without you, the dog is faster and can get away safely. At the same time the animals are distracted and you can leave the danger zone calmly and quickly.
  • On the Alpe di Siusi you will find beautiful trails that you can explore with your dog in winter. Please do not walk on the cross-country skiing trails, as they are reserved for cross-country skiers.


Rabies vaccination is only obligatory for pets brought across the state border. For dogs brought to South Tyrol from other Italian provinces and regions, rabies vaccination is not mandatory.

In South Tyrol, and generally in Italy, dog owners are liable for damages caused by their pet: A dedicated insurance is not compulsory, but highly recommended.

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