Siusi allo Sciliar on a sunny plateau below Mount Sciliar

The village of Siusi allo Sciliar lies on a sunny plateau below Mount Sciliar and the Alpe di Siusi at about 1000 metres above sea level. It is surrounded by lush meadows, large woods, dramatic peaks, mysterious ruins and picturesque churches.

Despite its long-standing touristic tradition, the village has preserved its rural fascination. It is a place where relax and wellbeing can be sought after at any time of the year.
The village has a long tradition as tourist resort. Since the 18th century the population of the valleys used to come to Siusi to look for relief from the summer heat and breathe the fresh mountain air. Siusi in South Tyrol was already sung in mediaeval verses, later became a popular tourist destination and is today among the most traditional tourist destinations in Tyrol.

In the years after World War I the entire Russian and European aristocracy used to meet in the hotels of Siusi. They appreciated the healthy mountain air, the possibility of regenerating body and mind in the woods nearby, the leisurely strolls through the village in the evenings and the heated intellectual debates or animated card games in the cafés and lobbies.

Some of the most famous guests of the time: King of Saxonia Friedrich August, several representatives of the Russian aristocracy, Max Valier, Sigurd Ibsen, Arturo Toscanini and other famous visitors.

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