A special occasion that attracts many visitors are the different processions taking place in Siusi and Castelrotto to celebrate important religious festivities, such as Corpus Christi (about two months after Easter), the Sacred Heart (third Sunday after Pentecost) and Harvest Thanksgiving (in October) or during the feast of the local patron saint (in Siusi on the 2nd Sunday in September). The large and preciously embroidered banners being led through the village against the background of the barren Mount Sciliar by the local population in their traditional colourful dresses are really unforgettable images.

The Oswald von Wolkenstein Ride ...

... is one of the most important events organised on the Alpe di Siusi. This mediaeval tournament is dedicated to a famous local troubadour, the minnesinger Oswald von Wolkenstein. It is held every year at the beginning of June and lasts two days. On Saturday the official inauguration takes place in one of the three villages of Siusi, Castelrotto or Fiè. The following day the speed, skilfulness and expertise in handling horses is tested in four group competitions. The winners are awarded at Castle Presule during a spectacular closing event.

Schlern International Music Festival

The Schlern International Music Festival provides a unique opportunity to experience concerts by many well-known and famous musicians in the Alpe di Siusi holiday area. On the festival program, besides the international competitions, master classes and workshops, there are about 30 afternoon and evening concerts with renowned music professors and young artists from North and South America, Asia and Europe participating.

All concerts, master classes and workshops are open free of charge for guests and locals. Admission fees apply only for the star concerts.

Summer Classics

In July and August the area resounds with the works of great composers, played by young Italian artists with international experience. The excellent level of these concerts turned them into an appreciated and well-attended event in the cultural programme of the summer in Siusi.

A gourmet

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